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Pink Robin Press is a new and independent children’s book publishing company which specialises in BAME characters due to an unpresedented lack of representation for our youth. Our aim is to bridge the gap amongst representation and to produce the highest quality and most entertaining of books for our young readers. At Pink Robin Press, our goal is to empower, educate and inspire; but most importantly, to enable our readers to acquire a love for reading.  

At Pink Robin Press Book Publisher, we may be small but our passion is certainly big! 

Book Snippets

"A quacking duck eating the nice loaf of crusty bread!"

"Gleaming and beaming that's all I want too."

"There's just one thing that I want you to know"

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Perfectly Perfect Me


Ducks Don't Eat Apples




I love the pictures and I liked learning about what animals like eating
Age 7
I liked that the book teaches you that it's important to Love yourself always
Janelle Harris
Age 11
I really liked the pictures.
Aged 5